Sup Allround NAISH NALU 2019 e precedenti

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Tavola sup All-around Cruising/Wave, la soluzione per chi cerca una tavola unica veloce e versatile.

Disponibile nelle versioni Carbon 2019 o 2018 10’0″ wave oriented , GS 2019 10’6″, 10’10”, 11’0″,  GSX 10’8″, Softop 10’8″ed infine nella  costruzione GT Wood 2019  fornita di inserto per utilizzo Windsurf nelle misure 10’6″,10’10”, 11’0″, 11’4 .

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Nalu Series

Versatile and easy-to-ride, the Nalu series features a classic longboard shape ideal for anything from flatwater cruising, fitness training and waveriding. A solid one-board solution, Nalus offer a recessed deck and full rails—increasing stability while maintaining performance.

Nalu 10’0″ Pro sandwich Pro Performance Longboard-style SUP

10’0″ x 28″1/2 x 4″  130 litri

The Nalu 10’0” is a high-performance, longboard-style SUP. Designed for riders seeking optimal responsiveness, direct feel and enhanced nose-riding ability, the refined foiling allows for maximum drive with minimal effort. The narrow outline—combined with the option to ride as a thruster (center fin not included), quad or single fin—grants the freedom and flexibility to enjoy this design in waves knee-high to double-overhead. These boards come with standard FCS fins and are equipped with the FCS II Eco Fin System for riders who prefer to use tool-less fins from FCS.

NALU 10’6″ GTW/GS  All-around Classic longboard shape

10’6″ x 30″ x 4″ 160 litri

The Nalu 10’6” GTW/GS is the one-board solution for riders seeking versatility, stability and waveriding performance. It features a wide Nalu outline, recessed deck and full rails for increased stability and wider range of use.

NALU 10’8” GSX / Softop  All-around Classic

10’8″ x 30″ x 4 9/16  164 litri

With a slightly recessed deck and full rails, the Nalu 10’8” GSX delivers great versatility and stability. The longboard-style outline features a single-concave nose, which flows into a double-concave midsection and V tail, making it a great choice for everything from flatwater cruising, to surfing ankle-slapper waves, to charging double-overhead surf. The “one-board solution” for recreational riding, the Nalu 10’8” GSX features plugs in the nose area which accommodate a bungee storage system to secure precious cargo when cruising and touring.

Softop version, with 3 mm of padding, the EVA soft top has a soft, yet firm surface structure. Spreading over the entire top of the board, this added traction is a great confidence booster whether attempting those more challenging yoga poses, or taking the little ones along for the ride. Nalu

NALU 10’10” GTW/GS All-around Classic longboard style

10’10” x 32″ x 4 3/8  201 litri

The Nalu 10’10” GTW/GS  is an all-around, extra stable design for touring, carrying gear, tandem paddling and small surf. 

NALU 11’0″ GTW/ GS All-around Classic longboard Shape

11’0″ x 31″ x 4 1/2  175 litri

The Nalu 11’0” GTW/GS  features a versatile design for classic longboard surfing performance, touring and flatwater cruising. It has been fine-tuned with decreased volume in the nose and tail areas, resulting in an extremely responsive board with easy maneuverability. 

NALU 11’4″ GTW All-around Classic

 The Nalu 11’4” GTW features an all-around design for classic longboard surfing performance and flatwater paddling versatility. 



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Carbon 2018, Carbon 2019, GS 10’10, GS 10’6, GS 11’0, GTW 10’10, GTW 10’6, GTW 11’0, GTW 11’4, GTX 10’8, Soft top 10’8