Sup Starboard Pocket Rocket 2018

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Starboard Pocket Rocket 2018

Tavola Wave 8’5 x 30″ x 131 litri, facile, dalle grandi accelerazioni, eccelle sia su onda glassy che choppata, disponibile nella versione Starlite, Starlite Wave e Carbon

Spedizioni Gratuite in tutta Italia.

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Sup Starboard Pocket Rocket Carbon/Starlite/Starlite Wave 2018

Entry level to intermediate riders.
Stable shapes for wave riding.
Sizes 10’0″ and above also for cruising.

Target rider: Stable shapes for heavier riders up to 130 kg down to shorter board for lighter riders at 85 kg for more progressive wave riding.
Construction: Available in Carbon Balsa, Pine Tek, Starlite, Starshot, ASAP and in Starlite wave.
Key features: Wide nose and tail for stability, 3/4 EVA Deck pad. Selected Pine Tek boards with extra fin boxes for windsurfing.


We select our preferred density balsa from our supplier’s plantation in Ecuador. The sharing, bonding and longevity properties of balsa are better than any sandwich materials we have worked with. Proudly introducing a sustainable and superior sandwich technology.

Shipping Weight 50 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 120 x 33 x 9 in
Length 8’5″
Width 30″
Thickness 4 3/10″
Volume 131L
Construction Starlite, Starlite Wave, Carbon
Weight 16.9 lbs, 19.1 lbs
Max Rider Weight 187 lbs
Type Surf

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