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RRD Granturismo  e Granturismo Cruising

veloci e stabili, disponibili nelle costruzioni Epx e Classic

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Granturismo/ Performance

 Designed with speed and comfort in mind, these 2 shapes bring in a great blend of stability,

acceleration and effortless gliding. The narrow piercing nose and thin volume distribution make these boards fantastic easy paddlers, and this is further enhanced thanks to a sunk-in deck design that lowers the standing area’s center of gravity. Every paddle stroke will be easier, more precise and efficient. The mid section of the boards’ hull features a double concave with flats shape that increases stability at low speed or with chop, while the tail area is flat to minimize drag and create a perfect water flow release. Really fast boards both on flat water and in open ocean.

12’6”x28 ½”x61/8”  245 litri

14’x 28¼”x 6½”       252 litri



A stable and fast Granturismo cruising shape, fantastic to be ridden over flat water and through small chops. Thanks to a very efficient piercing nose shape and generous volume of this area the GT Cruiser 12 quickly accelerates after each of your paddle strokes, making it a very efficient, fun and easy to ride board in a large variety of conditions and water surfaces.

12”x30”x6 1/8”   266 litri

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