Windsup Starboard 2018

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Windsup Starboard 2018

Disponibili nelle costruzioni ASAP, Starshot  Starlite ed in diverse misure

Quella da noi consigliata è la Whopper nella costruzione

ASAP ( as strong as possible) con la bellissima livrea blu 2018 scontata a 1099,00 euro

Spedizioni in tutta Italia

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The WindSUPs are boards that cover windsurfing and paddle boarding in one.

Each WindSUP is based on a popular Starboard paddleboard shape and have an added mast track and center-fin box to plug in a sail and center-fin for windsurfing.

A great choice for sharing windsurfing, paddle boarding with friends and family.

They’re available in a wide variety of sizes and three constructions: the soft desk ASAP construction, the polished Starshot or the Starlite construction, with a Carbon Innegra rail band and premium graphics.

and in different sizes:

WindSUP 9’0″ x 30″: Also known as the Converse, it is the most compact and maneuverable model, ideal for younger or lighter sailors.

WindSUP 10’0″ x 34″: Also known as the Whopper, a fabulous paddle board which performs very well in the waves and at the same time doubles as an entry-level windsurfer.

WindSUP 11’2″ x 32″: A new favorite known as the Blend, offering the best glide. Also available as a Waterman Package, complete with sail and paddle.

WindSUP 12’0″ x 33″: The best compromise between glide and stability, known as the Atlas. A solid platform for even the heaviest riders.

Whopper ASAP – E’ la versione che consigliamo, robusta, resistente, stabile e divertente per tutta la famiglia