Longboard NSP 8’2″ Element


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NSP Longboard 8’2″ Element

Pronta consegna , facile , robusta e maneggevole

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NSP Elements Longboard


NSP offers such a wide range of Long boards – there’s really something for everyone – no matter what your style or performance aspirations.
In the 8’2” facil our boards offer the right volume for fun in all conditions, but are small enough to be manageable for beginners and manoeuvrable enough for performance. If you want a long board you can really throw around, this is the board for you.
  • Eco-friendly shape molded SecureCell EPS core.
  • HDT vacuum molded construction
  • Durable epoxy
  • Gel coat skin,
  • Hand polished rails
  • Matt deck and speed finish bottom
  • Enhanced performance and visual appeal
  • Full colour bottom and rails
  • FCS twin tab boxes (8’2 & 8’6) , FCS twin tab boxes + Surf 10 (9’2)
  • Fins included with each board
Green Length Width Thick. vol. Fin
/ 8’2″ 22 1/16″ 3 3/16″ 66.6 3xM7